Safe Shutdown and Safe Reset
Functional LED power indicator
Functional POWER and RESET buttons
SUPERPi 4 CASE specifically designed for for Raspberry Pi 4
Easy access to the SD-Card and all other ports without opening the case

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SD Card Case

We especially designed the case for storing your SD cards in the appearance of a game cartridge to give it the holistic look when put on top of SuperPi 4 Case.

Safe Shutdown and Safe Reset

SUPERPi 4 CASE can have SAFE SHUTDOWN and SAFE RESET functions. (Scripts is necessary).

* Safe shutdown scripts:

SFC Style

We created this Pi case applying the most iconic element in the retro game world as a homage to the most classic console ever made.

*POWER button, RESET button and LED all functional

Side LAN & USB cover

Behind the small, hinged door, can access to LAN port and 2 USB port.

Improved HDMI and Audio ports

This is done to enhance the experience of using your HDMI and audio out-put cables.

Micro SD card slot on the side

We put the slot for your Micro SD card on the side to allow more space for you to operate more freely.


We tailored made this enclosure to fit in your Raspberry Pi PCB perfectly so that you can use it like a SFC console as how you remember it.

Tech Specs


  • SUPERPi 4 CASE (new)
  • SD Card Case
  • Screw driver
  • Instruction manual