NES Cartridge Style Hard Drive Enclosure

We tailored made this NES cartridge style Hard Drive Enclosure to commemorate the 80s. Plug and play, no drivers needed. Suitable for 7mm 2.5 Inch SATA HDD/SSD. Transfer rate up to 5 Gbps(400MB~480MB/s) when connected to a USB 3.0 port. It works with NESPi 4 Case, raspberry pi, desktop, laptop, Android TV and HD player.

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Support multiple devices

Plug and play, no drivers needed.

No external power supply required

Easy to install, easy to use.

Functional LED power indicator

The blue LED will light up after connecting to the device.


Suitable for 7mm 2.5 Inch SATA HDD/SSD, easy to use.

The design is derived from the NES game cassette.

The retro look and new-age technology make memories a classic.
*The SSD case for NESPi4 CASE is compatible with RF Hard Drive Enclosure.

Tech Specs


Cartridge dimensions

  • 135*81*32mm
  • Weight

  • 84g
  • Material

  • ABS+PC
  • Port

  • USB3.0 Micro-B / USB-A
  • Compatible with SSD

  • 2.5 inch HDD/SSD with the drive height of 7mm
  • Rated voltage

  • 5V 1A
  • Rated power

  • Reference hard drive